The main services of the organization are categorized in to following topics.

Childrens Education
Family Health
Home Economic
Childrens' protection
Water and Sanitation
Tsunami disaster response programme
The Service objectives of the Organization

Main Objective

To provide food,shelter,cloths,water,electricity,toilet facilities,educational facilities,medical facilities and community halls for poor and helpless people.

Services Objectives in detail

1. To guide for the activities in cultural, religious and national

2. To come forward for the requirements of houses and to improve undeveloped towns especially for state laborers and to take actions for the development in education.

3. To guide and instruct the young crowd who stepped to wrong paths.

4. To attend the problems of the people who faced natural disasters like Tsunami

5. To stand against child abuse, rape and to help families who had faced such incidents.

6. To make the families who are in disunity to be in unity.

7. Instructions and supports on self employment

8. Helping to find jobs – From the help of the important people known to the organization

9. Helping to find a suitable partner for marriage – specially for the poor families

10. Special attention on children’s’ matters and requirements

11. Organizing of water supply projects both household and farming

12. Organising of road development projects.

13. Developing of toilet facilities for household and common purpose

14. Attending for food requirements which are a major problem of very poor families

15. Take actions to supply Electricity for rural areas and support to take the supply for household.

16. Supplying of cloths for poor families who are in need of them.

What we have done

Since commencing of the organization in the year 2001 we have achieved number of tasks to fulfill our above mentioned objectives.

For Tsunami - Supplying of food and cloths for Tangalle,Hambanthota,Galle,Mathara,Ampara and Batticaloe Districts
( Sending of above items from 29 th December upto 3 days)
Developing of public water supply projects in many villages.
Building of Toilet facilities.
Developing Roads Loans for Houses
Building of community centers
Developments of schools .
Organizing of many get together programmes for children


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